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I am so happy that a lot of the world is watching The Simpsons right now. I, personally, do not get FXX, but for those who do, enjoy the very yellow marathon!

Can you do a post about Mr. Burn’s submission to the film festival? Specifically the part about Ben Hur? “Drink up, Juda-Ben Hur.” LoL, I love that part. Thanks for running a great blog!


The Simpsons marathon schedule. 

Just thought I’d throw this out here…

Just so you all know, I’m going to be at an anime convention this weekend so I may not post much if at all. (I will try! but if not, posting resumes Tuesday!!!)

I’m reviving my Edna Krabappel cosplay btw and also I’m being Luann van Houten (And Daria Morgendorffer and Louise Belcher!) :)

xx ~Emily