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well marge you finally did it

you killed helen lovejoy


requested by toothsleuth2013 

toothsleuth2013 said: Hi! Love this blog! Can you do a post of that time Homer was shooting all those famous zombies and he got to Shakespeare & said, "Show's over, Shakespeare!" & Shakespeare responds, "is this the end of zombie Shakespeare?" or something like that! If not, no biggie!

Coming right up!

requested by tinibinib

requested by peggys-magic-sex-feet

requested by peggys-magic-sex-feet

I&#8217;m going to do both these requests today, God willing!! :)

I’m going to do both these requests today, God willing!! :)

tinibinib said: I just wanted to say I love your blog. Been a Simpsons fan since I was little. I went through every page and got sad when I got to the end!

Oh gosh, how kind!!! :)

requested by anon

Anonymous said: Could you please do the scene where Lisa complains about the new Malibu Stacy doll being sexist and then Marge tells her to forget her troubles with a big bowl of strawberry ice-cream, which is just what the Malibu Stacy doll says if you haven't already? Thank you :)

I will do that! :)